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This week I have been preoccupied with Christmas for some reason. Maybe because my family live on the other side of the world so I need to start thinking about presents etc now. Maybe because now our house renovations are nearly done we have a fabulous room to have Christmas in…not sure. Either way I am in the mood!

Sawyer discovered my iPad this week 🙂 I was thinking that Flynnie might soon be fed up with it and I could reclaim it, but I don’t see that happening anytime soon. It is more likely that they will be fighting over who gets to watch what!

Sawyer is looking so grown up now. He has started to take a couple of tentative steps and will be walking in no time. He is already terrorising Flynnie and it is only going to get more intense!

Kirsty and I went a craft show on Friday which was very disappointing except for some amazing quilts a part of a floor show. I am sad about the rest of the show though because it has gradually been dropping off each year. Eventually they will stop coming here which will be a loss for Townsville.

Flynnie went ten pin bowling for the first time on Sunday for the birthday of one of his friends. He loved it – we hadn’t really thought of taking him before but will definitely go back now.

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