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December_daily_ali_edwards_documenting_chaos_day_2The second day of December was all about the creation of a new tradition for us. Gingerbread houses were not part of my Christmas growing up in the UK and I don’t remember really being aware of them at all. This year there were kits everywhere in the shops so Flynnie and I decided to have a go.

Flynnie’s friend Paige and her mum Sharon from Projects of my LifeΒ were also doing the house this year so they came over here for a joint construction session!

December_daily_ali_edwards_documenting_chaos_day_2I cut the little gingerbread people card out on my cameo and the date onlay is from Ali Edwards’ 2012 4×6 templates, available at Designer Digitals as before.

December_daily_ali_edwards_documenting_chaos_day_2The two of them had a great time (and consumed a huge number of lollies!). Flynnie was not so sure about the actual gingerbread. He tried a tiny piece and said “It’s hot mum – it’s hot!”. He was not in any rush to try any more!

A great day and a great new tradition. I will be sharing this post for December Daily Day 2 over at Ali Edwards’ Projects page here. Be sure to check out Ali’s inspiring work and many other great December Dailies from around the world!