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Oh boy but this was a long time coming around!

About 6 months ago my good friend Sharon from Projects of my Life and I began to talk about the possibility of doing a road trip to meet up with a group from the Project Life Australia Facebook page down on the Sunshine Coast.

Once we’d said OK it went onto the back burner and life continued as it does. All of a sudden it was almost time to get packing! Sharon and I set off on a very rainy day, praying the weather would improve as we went south. Along with Kirsty, a mutual friend of ours who we picked up on the way, we were Thelma, Louise and Thelma!

My friend and inspiration Jodie was one of the founder members of the FB group along with Beth. Both are amazing women who I am proud to call friends. Jodie owns Polkadot Creative and I am on her design team. We decided to challenge each other to put together a mini book or daybook each documenting the trip.

Jodie and I

Jodie and I

Jodie made us each a gorgeous matching little book (unfortunately neither of us thought to take a picture before we got started… 😦 ). At the bottom of this post I have linked to Jodie’s blog. Click over there to see the amazing things she did with her book!




The book was made up of awesome Amy Tangerine papers (available from Polkadot Creative here) interspersed with brown paper bag pages to stop it from getting too fat! I did want mine to get quite chunky though – I think I managed it…


My plan was to do as much as I could while we were away as I knew I was going back to work as soon as I got back. I made good use of my instax camera – actually sitting there at dinner one night taken photos and sticking them straight into the book!

Here is the whole thing:

PLA collage2

Those pockets at the front and back are the most awesome Amy Tangerine pockets. Perfect for receipts, business cards and all the other bits and pieces that I pick up all the time!

I had the most fabulous time. It was wonderful to meet such a beautiful group of people, all with Project Life in common (as well as lots of other things as we discovered over the course of the weekend).

Jodie has blogged her book as well and you must go and check out her post here. And for any project lifers in Australia and New Zealand who have not joined the Facebook group, come and check it out here.