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Project Life week 41 at Documenting ChaosSo week 41! Something has gone a little funky with my numbering – I think I have duplicated a week somewhere. But this was definitely week 41 🙂

Project Life week 41 at Documenting ChaosThe lunar eclipse was one of the highlights this week. We don’t have a lot of artificial lights around our property and the change in light as it went from full moon to blood moon was really noticeable.

Project Life week 41 at Documenting ChaosWe are decorating Sawyer’s room as a surprise for his 3rd birthday in a couple of weeks. We took the opportunity while the kids were away to get the ceiling and the walls painted. I’d forgotten how tiring decorating is!

I am so happy that although the kids are away every second week, their dad still sends me photos of their time with him. It’s important that I can document that part of their lives in my project life too.