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Found Sawyer in Flynnie’s bed this morning watching his iPad.IMG_5858

Bin day – we tow the bins down to the end of the driveway on the back of the car. Way too far to walk 🙂IMG_5860

Flynnie’s lunchbox in the fridge at school.IMG_5867

Back home and more coffee for me.IMG_5874

A rare lunch on my own at home.IMG_5888

Shopping after school is never the most fun.IMG_5880

But the bun made it a bit better!IMG_5899Stories for Sawyer – The Very Busy Spider.

I wasn’t well today and spent the day at home. It would be easy for me to give up on WITL at this point – as Ali said in her blog today Wednesday is a bit of a point of no return. Keen to keep on going – we have some exciting stuff happening later this week.

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